Turn off the lights, and let your nightmares begin with the latest horror from Voice of Joey!




What Listeners Have to Say About Joe’s Narration

“The narration was probably the best part of this experience for me.” —Cyndi Marie, Audible Listener

“He’s got this quality to his voice, which is so unique. It’s like he’s sitting at a campfire, gesturing for all of us to ‘Come round, come round, I’ve got a story to tell you’, and then proceeds to act out the story in a way that’s terrifying” — Maximilia, Audible Reviewer

“Mr. Hempel is a +++++5 star performer! He spoke with a smooth, even keeled tone of voice when needed and wasn’t afraid to get creative when appropriate.  Whatever voice he used, it always sounded believable and flowed seamlessly regardless of whether he was reading mellow narrative or squealing like a psychotic female character!” — Kim BookJunkie, Audible Listener

“Joe Hempel. He is a strong audio performer in general, but this book went to a whole different level — Alfie, Audible Listener, on The Final Reconciliation







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