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Fiction is quickly becoming fact. Just how far away are we from the technology in these Science-Fiction tales?


  game-changer  Surviving AI  


What Listeners Have to Say About Joe’s Narration

“I got the sense Mr. Hempel enjoyed the story he was reading so he really got into the story (making it better for the listener) and had a good sense of what tone and emotion to put in the voices of the characters.” — Alex, Audible Listener

“The narration for Silicon Man was done by Joe Hempel who is someone to watch in 2016.  His narration style and pacing pair extremely well with the Technothriller genre. Hempel’s work is synonymous with quality and I’ve never had a problem with any of his audiobooks.” —

“He continues to bring to life these vastly different characters and really making an already excellent world stand out even more!” — Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

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